101 Inventions

From the carving of stone tools to the birth of the Internet, 101 Inventions That Changed the World chronicles this journey. Some invsentions were driven by necessity while others were discovered purely by accident, but what they all share is a significant and lasting impact on the course of history.

101 Inventions That Changed the World is an immensely captivating, unique experience guaranteed to fascinate, educate, entertain and inspire. This experience has been created by Grande Exhibitions.

Sponsored by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation and Ultra Deep Mining Network

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This exhibition features a treasury of fossil casts from some of the most exciting finds from over a century of worldwide excavations. A geological timeline from the earliest forms of life through to the age of dinosaurs, mammals and prehistoric humans. See a cast of Lucy, one of the earliest hominid ever discovered, and experience the story of life on Earth.

In association with the International Museum institute of New York

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Join us outdoors at the foot of the famous Big Nickel! Our new Science Park is an outdoor gallery featuring large-scale exhibits and science-themed interactive structures!

  • Slide down the large “molten” slag slide toward a real slag pot
  • Get in the driver's seat of a Scooptram® underground loader
  • Operate a digger to excavate sand in the Sand Pit Zone
  • Create music with a rock xylophone
  • Climb on the net-like climbing structure

Travel through time and experience the engaging story of Sudbury, as you never have before! Join us for the Big Nickel Show, a celebration of 150 years in the City of Greater Sudbury’s history. Projected onto the surface of Sudbury’s iconic landmark, this 15-minute light and video show highlights key moments in Sudbury’s rich heritage. Witness the evolution of our city from the earliest lumbering days to our current pioneering re-greening accomplishments and discover the diverse cultures and people that founded today’s northern traditions. Whether you tune in from your vehicle or set up in one of our recommended viewing areas, our time-traveling companion, #BN150, will make sure you hit all the right stops on your sesquicentennial adventure!

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Can you escape?

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July 21 – September 4

Science North’s escape room is an interactive way to think outside the box with family and friends!

Players are locked in a room where they must solve a series of puzzles and crack codes to uncover clues to unlock the doors and escape in 45 minutes!

Mission: Escape from CortX Laboratories

You have volunteered for a simple research experiment to test the effects of flat water versus sparkling water on your brain's ability to problem-solve. Sounds innocent enough.

Your brain is definitely being tested - but this experiment is definitely not what you signed up for. You need to escape. What's more: you need an antidote.

Price: $25 - Members save 10% on ticket prices

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We are very excited to announce a new member of the Science North team! Our newest animal ambassador – Kash! See Kash this Summer at Science North.

This fully immersive, active and interactive theatre will take you on a journey into the world of healthy living. Movement-sensing technology allows your own activity to contribute to the story. You will jump, dodge, twist and play throughout the show, your actions helping our heroine Anna and her quest to save her family from an ominous, dark fog.

Take the controls in our new mine training centre! Practice operating equipment such as a rockbreaker, excavator, mining drone and drill in one of our simulator cabs.

Dig into what’s new at Dynamic Earth! You can build mountains, valleys, rivers and other landforms in this digital sandbox. Or, you can make it rain with a wave of your hand. Now that’s cool science!

Secret Ocean 3D
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Dream Big
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Wonder Woman 3D
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The First People were scientists and innovators, carefully tracking and moving with the seasons and creating inventions that allowed them to survive in the northern forests of our country. With this close connection to the natural world, the Indigenous People of Canada developed a strong culture, rooted in respect for the environment. "Under the Same Stars: Minwaadiziwin" aims to give visitors a chance to learn about the Indigenous worldview and sit at the fire with two people who are connected to the traditional ways. Visitors will leave the planetarium with an understanding of common constellations visible in the night sky and the Anishinaabe stories that define them. Minwaadiziwin is an Ojibwe term which refers to the hope for all living things to lead a good life. As we are all on this planet together and sit under the same stars, we hope for a good life for all.

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Your Dynamic Duo Passport includes:

  • Admission to Science North and special exhibition 101 Inventions That Changed the World and four floors of science fun
  • A film of your choice at Science North’s state-of-the-art IMAX® Theatre and a Planetarium show
  • Admission to Dynamic Earth, special exhibition unEARTHed, the renewed underground tour experience that is seven stories below the earth’s surface and two floors of newly renovated galleries
  • Admission to one film in the Atlas Copco Theatre

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Pack all of the excitement into one fun-filled day! Your Play-All-Day Passport includes:

  • Admission to Science North and special exhibition 101 Inventions That Changed the World plus four floors of science fun


  • A film of your choice at Science North’s state-of-the-art IMAX® Theatre

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