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Research Projects


Improving Exhibit Design Through Reflective Practice. Linda Henneberg, 2011.

Waiting for Bitgood: An Evaluation of Museum Exhibits based on the Exhibit Design Principles of Stephen Bitgood. Alex Kerr, 2011.

Live animals or videos? A study at a science center on which medium best increases children?s awareness of species at risk. Stephanie Morgan, 2011.

Analysis of Math Midway: An evaluation of the engagement and learning potential of free-choice math exhibits. Susanna Taylor, 2011.

Understanding the Science Exhibition Development Process. Brandi Chuchman, 2008.

The Visitor Experience with Electronic Signage at the Montréal Biodôme. Jessica Cox, 2008.

Visitor Engagement with the Maple Syrup Exhibit at Science North. Laurie Thompson, 2008.

Communicating Science Through Conservation Photography: A Rhetorical Analysis Of Subhankar Banerjee?s ?Seasons Of Life And Land?, A Photographic Exhibit Of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Laurie Buckland, 2007.

What previous knowledge, experience and interest do Science North visitors have of polar science? Amy Marie Henson, 2006.

Learning in the Science Centre: Is there a relationship between exhibit design characteristics and visitor learning behaviours? Serena Jennings, 2006.

What is the Visitor Experience at The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. Kirsti Kivinen-Newman, 2006.

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