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A case-control study of public perception of wind energy development on Manitoulin Island. Colin Stringer, 2014.

The perceived value of Newfoundland's marine environment: Rural and urban perspectives. Jillian Leonard, 2014.
The communication of scientific research in Algonquin Park. Cassandra Elliott, 2014.

The public perception of light pollution within Canada. Callum Cymbalski, 2014.

Risk, responsibility, science and communications: L'Aquila case study. Tanis Mercer, 2013.

An analysis of volunteer motivation in Ontario herptofauna monitoring campaigns. Grace Hunter, 2013.

The Hollywood Mirror: Reflecting on Human-Wildlife Relationships in Animated Family Films. Ellen Jakubowski, 2012.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Marine Conservation Campaigns at Engaging Inland Populations. Laura Kendall, 2012.

Exploring the Forecast: Extreme weather and climate change framing in local and national television weather news stories. Emily J. Nelson, 2012.

Youth attitudes towards the environment: What do teen boys think and why? Brittney Sandul, 2011.

Environmental Education in Sudbury Schools: Kindergarten to Grade Eight Teachers' Perspectives. Sarah Wendorf, 2011.

Before and After a Show: Environmental Knowledge and The Effect of an Environmentally Themed Object Theatre on Environmental Attitudes. Myles D. Carter, 2010.

A study of how Parks Canada and the U.S. National Park Service communicate about climate change on their websites. Jenn E. McCallum, 2010.

Deconstructing Documentaries: A rhetorical analysis of two popular Canadian environmental conservation documentaries. Stephanie-Lynn Russell, 2010.

Exploring Significant Life Experiences of Environmental Activists: A Case Study of Lake Simcoe and the Ladies of the Lake. Sophia Maio, 2009.

The Environmental Behaviour Knowledge And Environmental Actions of Generation X. Lee Roy, 2009.

Media Coverage of the Sudbury Soils Study. Heather Chertow. 2007.

Climates of Change: A Comparative Study of UK and Canadian Communication Campaigns. Iris Lui, 2007.

The Role of Narrative in Communicating the Science behind Climate Change. Karline McCawley, 2007.

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