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What Science Communication Can Learn From 'Gangnam Style': Developing Tools for Adopting the Characteristics of Spreadable YouTube Content. Anthony Morgan, 2014.

When seeing is believing: Product specific impacts of pseudoscientific advertising. Michelle Di Cintio, 2014.
Accuracy and imagination in children's science stories. Kate Henbest, 2014.
Story telling or giving facts? A look at French and English science media coverage in Canada. Derek Chung, 2014.

Science within Social Media. Sabrina Doyle, 2013.

Identifying modes of persuasion used by news media: Does the media's "Balanced Reporting" prolong the debate of contentious science issues? Erica Sawula, 2013.

Asian comic books in science communication: The portrayal of science, scientific method and science facts in comic story. Gesit Mutiarta, 2013.

Do free-choice learning video games have the potential to teach science? A qualitative exploration of science content in Mass Effect 3. Teresa Branch-Smith, 2013.

Engaging audiences beyond the science café through social media. Alexander Johnston, 2013.
Faster-than-light or Faulty Stopwatch? How print media covered the OPERA superluminal neutrino story. Jeff Betz, 2012.

Science Reporting in Canada's Online News. Ryan Jameson, 2012.

The Gospel According to Cosmo: Exploring Female Perception of Science in Lifestyle Magazines. Courtney Rae-Duffin, 2012.

Traditional vs. New Wave Documentaries: What's good for science? A rhetorical analysis. Brandon Gray, 2011.

What's so funny? Communicating Science Through the Use of Humour: A rhetorical analysis of Jon Stewart's book, Earth: A Visitor?s Guide to the Human Race. Karen Lee, 2011.

Bestselling Science. Jalyn Neysmith, 2011.

Physics in the Children's Science Magazine: Yes Mag. Holly Baker, 2010.

Dinosaur Public Knowledge: An Examination of Cross-Media Representation of a Scientific Topic. Kevin McAvoy, 2010.

Web 2.0 and Public Opinion Posts: A window into the public understanding of scientific issues. Michael Duggan, 2009.

Scientific inscription form and use in Scientific American, 1980 and 2005. Stephanie Hawkins, 2007.

Science News Reporting in Chinese Newspapers: A Case Study of Southern Weekend. Jing Ouyang, 2007.

Framing and Tone of NanoTechnology in the Canadian Newspaper Press. James Cooper, 2006.

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