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Program Dates Grade Level Additional info
SHSM Industry Certifications September 27, 2018 - May 23, 2019 Grades
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Funded Math & Science Innovation Experiences September 2018 – June 2019 Grades
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Earth Week May 6 – 17, 2019 Grades
K - 12
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These ALL-DAY EXPERIENCES are fully planned for you. Simply book into the full-day experience and let our booking agents schedule your day.

Ecology Day
Note: This program is available through the month of September until the second week of October and from the first week of May until the end of the school year
Bring your students to Science North’s outdoor classroom! Students will visit a wetland to learn about its importance to local and global biodiversity. They will use scientific equipment (dip nets, microscopes, binoculars) to collect and observe wetland organisms, and will learn how to determine the quality of an aquatic ecosystem. This exciting day will also give students the chance to meet a variety of Ontario’s reptiles at risk and learn about factors that threaten them, their habitats and ways they can help species at risk.
Note: Students must bring rubber boots.

Genetics Diversity Day
Have your students engaged with the science of genetics and evolution! Through the lens of historic scientific experiments, students will examine the structure and function of DNA, RNA and proteins that led to their discovery, and will have the opportunity to examine their own genetic traits in the context of heredity. Students will work with scientific tools to investigate how agarose gel electrophoresis can be used to separate molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. Using specimens, students examine the evolutionary history of fish by examining modern day samples. Students will gain an understanding of evolutionary processes using fish as a visual and tangible example.

Electricity Day
It’s electrifying! Your students will spend the day exploring the different aspects of electricity, including the properties of static and current electricity, sources of electricity and the practical use of electricity in our daily lives. Hands-on activities will give your students a better understanding of the importance of energy-saving habits and the future of renewable sources of energy generation.

Climate & Optics Day
Through the prism of the properties of light and geometric optics, students will deepen their powers of critical thinking with a series of inquiry-based challenges. Moving into climate science, students will investigate natural and human factors that influence our climate and climate change; including the greenhouse effect, and heat transfer through air and water.

Astronomy Day
Students will embark on an interactive Bluecoat-led tour of the universe in the digital Planetarium and complete two space-related programs. Through engaging hands-on activities, students will explore the Big Bang theory and its implications on the structure and evolution of the universe and the characteristics and properties of the celestial objects visible in the night sky. In teams, students will build their own space-tech project, while learning about Canada’s contributions to space exploration.
Note: there is an additional cost for this program due to the addition of the planetarium experience.

Register online by filling out the form or by calling 705.523.4629. For questions about the experience, contact the Education Staff Scientist at 705.522.3701 ext. 295.


  • Big Nickel

    Discover Sudbury Field Trip Grades 4–12

    September 2018 and April – June 2019 only 

    1.85 billion years ago, a meteorite struck our region creating a structure now known as the Sudbury Impact Structure. On the Discover Sudbury bus tour, participants will walk through time to see how this 10 km-wide meteorite has shaped our landscape! This 2-hour guided tour explores the stories buried in the rocks under our feet, showcases various geological and historical mining sites, and highlights how the local geology and mining has shaped Greater Sudbury. Make sure to download the Discover Sudbury GPS-enabled smart phone app to accompany you on the tour!

    You provide the bus; our scientist leads your tour! Registration is $200 plus applicable taxes.

    For questions about the experience, contact Jennifer Beaudry at 705.522.3701 ext.407