Discover the science behind all of your favourite carnival acts: Tight Rope! Strong Man! Juggling!

Secrets will be revealed. Add some dazzle to your upcoming festivals and events by including the Science North Science en Route team and its exciting carnival-themed activities!

Six tables filled with fun, hands-on exhibits will challenge and entertain guests of all ages. Featuring interactive displays about gravity, electricity and yummy science of cotton candy, Science of Carnival is guaranteed to delight the entire audience!


How does this force affect carnival performers? Build your own marble run and attempt gravity-defying twists and leaps!

Light, Sound & Action

Compose your own carnival-themed song on a large walk-on piano and find out in our illumination theatre, by testing samples in a tabletop glow box, if all materials can glow!

Carnival Games

Build a catapult and test your aim by launching targets through our specially designed hoops challenges course.

Fees & Requirements

Minimum two (2) day booking in Northern Ontario, plus mileage and accommodation.

  • 100 - 299km: $895 per day*
  • 300 - 599km: $995 per day*
  • 600 - 899km: $1095 per day*
  • 900km or more: please contact us for a quote
* Mileage is charged at $0.50 per kilometre from Science North

We require eight (8) large tables, access to electricity and water and shelter from the elements (if needed).

If you have special needs for your event, or have questions about Science North En Route:

“You guys ROCKED our Winter Carnival! You were a huge hit, and people were lined up out the door to participate!” - Pukaskwa National Park