Welcome back to Science North, for the 2018-2019 School Year!

Science is everywhere around us and has a great impact on our lives. We, at Science North, come to work everyday to learn, teach and play and make connections with the science that surrounds us! One of the best parts of our day is the opportunity to involve your students in hands-on science. We love it when we see the spark in their eyes, when they get inspired and live an Aha! moment.

A solid science foundation and an appreciation of science can truly foster lifelong learning. At Science North, our goal is to ignite that spark for students, by connecting them to the science in the world around them, and providing the tools required to help them explore their world, ask questions and get involved.

Our Bluecoat scientists are dedicated professionals that develop and deliver hands-on, curriculum based school programs. Bring your students to Science North and Dynamic Earth and let our scientists provide interactive and kinesthetic learning through hands-on science fun!

Let us help you make the science come alive! We look forward to welcoming your class at Science North and Dynamic Earth during the 2018-19 school year.