Science North - What will you discover?

The reimagined 4th floor is now open!

The reimagined 4th floor allows visitors of all ages to engage with new exhibits, programs and experiences!

Everything is an experiment — in the reimagined 4th floor, we provide the tools and you bring the inspiration and innovation. We invite you to test your ideas, embrace failure, and to challenge yourself to try something different.

The exhibits in this new space encourage visitors to experiment with physical phenomena, engineering challenges, and tinkering. In this area, you can find experiences with light and sound, magnetism, math, coding, and building — delve into processes that mirror the scientific method, design thinking, and creative approaches to problem-solving.
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Data Base

Workshops in this area focus on digital technologies and design— experiment with code, create your own video game, experiment with video and photography, and try to create your own inventions!

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Tech Lab

Workshops in this area put tools in your hands and encourage you to create — build circuits, take apart electronics, experiment with robotics, and more! In this area you will also find Tech kits — experiments that our Bluecoats have prepared for you to take out and explore any time and at your own pace.

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Prototype Lab

The Prototype Lab is the place where visitors can collaborate on projects and learn about science, technology, engineering, math and art through making. Engage with staff as they work on building exhibit pieces for the science centre, and participate in our Prototype Lab Badge Program to learn how to design and fabricate using equipment ranging from 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers to waterjet cutters, vacuum formers, vinyl cutters and more!

Check out some of our sneak peeks below.

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