On New Years Eve in a science centre nearby…

Families take the trip in your starships to go on an adventure filled with family fun!

Your adventure and training begins with starry crafts, galactic games, striking science show and so much more excitement!

The Imaginez Ensemblez fireflies are expected to make a dazzling and mystical appearance in the Vale Cavern.

Visitors are encouraged to come in their best space captain, jedi or sci-fi costumes.

Once your training is complete and your adventure comes to an end, celebrate your victory with a countdown to the new year and an out of this world balloon drop.

May the fun be with you.

December 31st
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Featuring: Imaginez Ensemblez in Spinning Starlight

Imaginez is the French verb to provoke someone to imagine.

Someone like you.

Imaginez Ensemblez is sure to spark delight in audiences of all ages. The Imaginez Fireflies are visually stunning, ethereal creatures that effortlessly combine dance, character and spectacle. They are silent sprite-like characters who are instinctively curious, whimsical and playful. With their striking makeup and fabric and glow spinning characters they create a spectacle everyone can admire.

Plan Your Day With Us!

Angry Birds Challenge - Life – Sized!
Join the light side in the fight against the evil Pigtroopers! Use the force to propel Rebel Birds to destroy the Pig Star and end the battle against the dark side.

Starry Rings
You’re looking up at the night sky and wish you could just reach up and touch the stars! Create your very own starry rings in the Lapidary Lab.

Build your own Droid
Use the magnetic force to build and move your very own miniature droid!

Aliens of the Deep Ocean
Judge them by their strange appearance do you? Create your own flip art of weird sea creatures that look like they are from another planet!

Jedi Mind Tricks
DO or Do NOT control things with your mind! Use your newly –learned Jedi tricks and experience the power of your mind in Body Zone!

Swooping Starfighters
We need your assistance, young Padawans, in helping us create a new fleet of starfighter gliders! When your glider is complete, launch it and see how far it flies!

Who hasn’t dreamt of fighting off evildoers with a light sword? Join us in the TechLab to build your very own lightsaber.

These ARE the Droids You're Looking For
Droids and robots often make popular appearances in science fiction and space films. Visit the FedNor CyberZone to learn about what makes toy robots tick, test drive a Sphero robot, and try your hand at our Sphero Challenge.

Craft Some Gear
Create ribbons, wands, and jet packs you will!

Don't forget to bring your own lasers!

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The New Year's Eve Family Fun Day is proudly presented by Science North and KiSS 105.3.

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