New Years Eve 2017

Complete the last page of 2017 at Science North with an action packed New Year’s Eve celebration! Pencil us in for a day of family fun filled with curiosity and adventure!

Create your own comic, act it out in front of a green screen, and see what it’s really like to be a superhero with virtual reality! Enjoy live science shows, face painting and so much more!

New year, New chapter! Wrap up your action-packed day with the new and highly anticipated confetti countdown!

Visitors are encouraged to dress up as their favourite comic book character or superhero!


Member admission: $15
Early bird* $10

General admission: $25
Early bird* $20

*Early bird rates end December 24 at 11:59 p.m.

Purchase your tickets early and save!

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Joey Albert is essentially a real life super hero. He has spent years perfecting his skills to perform only the best. Whether it's juggling 5 balls, balancing on his head or flipping over 5 people Joey does it all. With over 14 years of performing experience around the world he's sure to make you laugh and leave you stunned and amazed.

Head to the Vale Cavern to see special dance performances from Sudbury’s own Let’s Dance Studios! Then afterwards, join Let’s Dance Studios in the Lobby at 4:30 pm for a Dance Party!

Visit the Vale Cavern throughout the day to watch Joey the Acrobat perform and see special dances from Sudbury's own Let’s Dance Studios!



12:00pm - Let’s Dance Studios
12:30pm - Joey the Acrobat
1:00pm - Let’s Dance Studios
1:30pm - Joey the Acrobat
2:30pm - Let’s Dance Studios
3:30pm - Joey the Acrobat
4:15pm - Joey the Acrobat

Visit the Graphic-Con and Greater Sudbury Public Library booth to receive your very own library card, checkout comic books and graphic novels to take home, and enter for a chance to win four Graphic-Con tickets, a mix of Funko POP! figurines, comic books and Graphic-Con swag. Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will even be there for a meet and greet!

Shazam! The Hula Hoop Fun Zone is back and more popular than ever! Learn to Hula Hoop and have fun with family and friends.


Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code Exhibition

Do you have your mother's dimples? Or your father's hairline? What is it about us that makes us us? And how much of it actually sets us apart from not only other human beings but from every other living thing on Earth? Genome: Unlocking Life's Code begins to unravel the mystery behind the complete set of instructions needed for every living thing on Earth to grow and function: the genome.

Meet and Greet with the Animals

Every comic book hero needs a sidekick! Our animals will be out of their habitats throughout the day so you can visit them and find a new partner in crime!

Comic Book Mural

What will be the theme of your 2018 journey? Mystery? Adventure? Humour? Create your own comic and post it to our mural to complete the Science North Series!

Micropipette by Number

Show off your artistic skills and create a painting with our scientific tool – the micropipette.

Comic Book Jewellery

Explore our comic books, choose your favourite character and take them home in a unique piece of jewelry.

Build Your Own Super Lair

Whether you plan on dressing up as a comic book hero or villain, you deserve your own super lair! Design a fortress and create a story of how your base will protect you.

Build a Storm

Pow! Bam! Zap! Stormy skies ahead! Experiment with clouds and make a cloud identification tool to forecast the weather.

Spider-Man VR

Want to know what it’s like to have super powers? Throw on our virtual reality glasses to spin a web, catch thieves and save the day through the eyes of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Green Screen Comic Heros

Take your comic book to the next level! From panel to screen, put yourself in the scene using green screen and props!

Comic Book Tattoos

Peel, stick and shazam! You have your very own comic book tattoo to take home and show off!

Comic Book Frames

Choose from a variety of old school comic books and create a picture frame you can take home!

Straw Rockets

Wish you had the power to shoot super-rockets? Now’s your chance! Make a colorful air-powered rocket and see how far it will fly!

Face Painting and More!

Take advantage of our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offer for IMAX® tickets, exclusively on December 31.


Special IMAX Schedule

11:15am - The Light Before Christmas
12:00pm – Amazon Adventure 3D (French)
1:00pm - The Gruffalo
2:00pm - The Light Before Christmas
3:00pm – Mysteries of China
4:00pm – Thor: Ragnarok

Join us adventurers - heroes and villains alike - on a journey amongst the stars! Aboard our spaceship, we will travel to other worlds, from a galaxy far, far away to our own beautiful planet.



11:15am - Galaxy Adventure!
11:45am - Galaxy Adventure!
12:15pm - Galaxy Adventure!
12:45pm - Galaxy Adventure!
1:15pm - Galaxy Adventure!
1:45pm - Galaxy Adventure!
2:15pm - Aventure galactique!
2:45pm - Galaxy Adventure!
3:15pm - Galaxy Adventure!
3:45pm - Galaxy Adventure!