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about nature exchange

How does it work?

At the Nature Exchange you get to trade things made by nature - like rocks, shells, fossils, pine cones or feathers to name a few.

Trading is based on points.We award you points for your item and for what you know about it (Information), what makes it different from similar ones (Specialty) and its overall Quality.

Step 1 - Bring items from nature to us!

Bring natural, collected items to a Nature Exchange location. Trained staff will initiate a discussion with you about what the object is, where it came from, why it is special and any other details that you think are important.

Step 2 - The Exchange or Trade

You will then have a chance to negotiate (if you'd like to!) for points that our staff will give you, based upon a series of criteria.Some of these criteria are based on the ethics of collecting and regional availability, while others are based upon each trader's enthusiasm, initiative and determination, as well as the following key items;

Information: What knowledge can the trader share with us about their item?
: What distinguishes the item from other similar items?
: What condition is the item in?

The secret here is... the more information you know about your item, the more it's worth!So do your homework ahead of time, or maybe take a few minutes in the research area at the Nature Exchange to discover all that you can about your item(s)... your hard work will be worth lots of bonus points!In searching for things to collect and trade, you will learn to observe, to ask questions, and to think independently.

Step 3 - Open an Account

Really!The Nature Exchange has its own accounting system... kind of like a bank account.Points can be used immediately or banked in the Nature Exchange trading data bank and used for future trading for items in the Nature Exchange's constantly rotating collection.

It is important to remember that points, although they become a form of currency, do not equal money.

Step 4 Take It Home

Visitors can take their traded items home to enjoy and add to their collections, or bring them back in to trade at the Nature Exchange for other items at a later date. ††

Step 5 Come back again and again!

Make sure to keep an eye out for special events and workshops that are communicated via online newsletters, and other media streams.