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Speakers Series

The speakers' series is a great complement to the special exhibit Wildlife Rescue. Throughout the duration of the exhibit, exhibitors can immerse their members and general audiences in a range of topics and entertaining and informative presentations by experts involved in Restoration Biology and animal rescue. Inviting a speaker to participate in your media launch or themed gala will also generate additional interest and visibility. Please refer to the included list of potential speakers and other pertinent information.
The following are examples of the Explore Science Speaker Series at Science North.

"Counting Species: Not As Easy As It Seems." 
by John H. Acorn
Department of Renewable Resources
Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Alberta

The series begins with John Acorn, perhaps best known as the writer and host of the television series "Acorn, The Nature Nut," a family-oriented, how-to-be-a-naturalist show. Recent developments have made the task of counting species more difficult (and more interesting) than ever before, as assumptions dating back hundreds of years are carefully reviewed in light of new evidence. Acorn will outline the possible forms that a new concept of "species" might take, and how it may change our view of nature as a whole.  

"A Chorus of Frogs- Silent Spring Revisited?"
by Bob Johnson
Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
Toronto Zoo

Bob Johnson is Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles at the Toronto Zoo and works both locally and internationally for the recovery of amphibian and reptile species at risk and to sustain the communities that share wildlife habitats. In this engaging presentation, Johnson will answer some interesting questions like, ?who uses poop to determine the fitness of their mate?" and "why does Dr. Frankenstein provide an important insight into what is the essence of amphibians?" We'll look at some threats to their survival, including emerging disease, and some of the global efforts to address amphibian decline - including those that begin in your own backyard.

"Flying With Whooping Cranes"
by Joe Duff

C.E.O Operation Migration Inc. Lead Pilot and Co-Founder of Operation Migration, Joe Duff, takes us on a wild adventure from the marshes of Wisconsin to the gulf coast of Florida as he teaches endangered whooping cranes to migrate by leading them south with ultra light aircraft. See through his airborne camera lens the magic of bird flight and witness how fabric and fiberglass combine with instinct and feathers to safeguard these magnificent birds from the brink of extinction. Duff has a keen interest in the science of migration and crane behavior, and has accumulated more hours in flight alongside more species of birds than any other human. His work provided the basis for the movie Fly Away Home, which told the story of the first human-led bird migration.