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Note: The following samples were distributed in Canada and use Canadian English spelling.


(Insert your City/State) - Be informed. Be inspired! You won't want to miss this eye-opening yet uplifting new exhibit, Wildlife Rescue!

Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation and habitat encroachment, with species becoming endangered and some on the brink of extinction. Wildlife Rescue is a 600 m2 traveling exhibit developed and produced by Science North, Ontario, Canada that draws you into exotic and familiar environments alike.

In this exhibit, you'll experience compelling stories of animal rescue from around the world, including how seabirds are saved from environmental disasters and what happens to orphaned baby elephants.  Through interactive exhibits, you'll step into the rescue efforts and experience and learn the innovative science involved in of wildlife rescue. You'll experiment with techniques and tools used by rescuers through hands-on exhibits and multimedia experiences, and "visit" an elephant orphanage and orangutan sanctuary.

Wildlife Rescue explores the rehabilitation of different species that share Earth with us, and how we, as individuals, can make a difference!

"Wildlife Rescue is the eighth traveling exhibit produced by Science North, and we really wanted to give our visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting and innovative ways in which people globally are rehabilitating diverse wildlife species," said Brenda Koziol, Science North Senior Scientist for Special Projects.

Wildlife Rescue empowers you to recognize how everyday actions can have an impact on your own "backyard" and fosters a respect for nature and an understanding of the responsibility that rests with all of us.