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Gala / Launch Event

Preview the Wildlife Rescue exhibit. Add a special screening of a film that complements the exhibit theme.

Themes / Menus

The natural habitats of the wildlife featured in the exhibit offer a variety of themes from the home of the giant panda on the sloping mountainous bamboo forests of western China and eastern Tibet, to the environs of orangutans and elephants in the jungles of Indonesia and the savannahs of Africa and the winter homes of whooping cranes in the tidal flats of the Gulf of Mexico.
Dim the lights and complement your setting with themed music, dinner plates and napkins. The menu offers plenty of room for creativity. Serve vegetable spring rolls with bamboo shoots for the pandas in attendance, fruit and nut cups for the orangutans, and seafood delicacies for the whooping cranes.

Please note: As per the Wildlife Rescue Traveling Exhibit Lease Agreement, should there be an opening event for this Exhibit, we request that you invite representatives from Science North, and the exhibit's Sponsors.  We also request the opportunity to include a representative in the opening remarks at the event.