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Target Audiences

Wildlife Rescue captures a broad range of audiences. Generally, these audiences:

  • Value learning and experiencing things together
  • Take a hands-on approach to education
  • Are curious and adventuresome
  • Are environmentally conscious

The exhibit will have special appeal to:

  • Elementary and middle school students participating in school field trips
  • High school students considering career options in biology, conservation biology, wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine as well as opportunities for service learning and community service projects
  • University and College students enrolled in coursework related to the above
  • Outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts, and other members of the community such as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations and the Society of Prevention for Cruelty to Animals
  • Volunteers participating in wildlife rehabilitation and restoration programs
  • People that value different ecosystems and are interested in finding out more.


  • Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations have been established throughout North America. These organizations are typically non-profit and comprise members who are professionals, volunteers and supporting organizations / businesses. Many have their own networks that you may access to attract dedicated audiences. If your facility is not a member of local or regional social networking presence, consider becoming a member of their Facebook, Myspace or Twitter networks to promote Wildlife Rescue. These organizations can benefit from the exhibit by creating awareness of local and regional efforts, gaining support for advocacy and recruiting volunteer members.