Speakers Series

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The speakers series is a great complement to the special exhibit Creatures of the Abyss. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, exhibitors can immerse their members and general audiences in a range of topics and entertaining and informative presentations by experts involved in ocean research and undersea exploration. Inviting a speaker to participate in your media launch or themed gala will also generate additional interest and visibility.

The following are examples of the Explore Science Speaker Series at Science North.


Secrets of the Deep Sea a presentation by internationally renowned speaker, David G. Gallo

The deep sea remains predominantly unexplored, yet there have been incredible findings: the world's highest mountains and deepest valleys; underwater rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and thriving communities of life in dark worlds.  Almost every expedition returns with new information. David Gallo is the Director of Special Projects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. He works closely with scientists at the forefront of ocean research.  An internationally renowned speaker, Gallo will introduce you to the new era of undersea exploration with stunning visuals of recent discoveries.


The Gully: Deep Sea Canyons presented by Dr. Ellen Kenchington

Located off the coast of Nova Scotia, The Gully is the largest marine canyon in eastern North America, and the site of Atlantic Canada’s first marine protected area. Sometimes referred to as Canada’s Grand Canyon, The Gully is home to a wide variety of marine life. Dr. Kenchington is a research scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and an Adjunct Professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Her presentation will provide you with the unique opportunity to see rarely seen animals, and to learn more about how they survive in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Discover the largest habitat in the world, with Dr. George Matsumoto’s presentation Life in the Midwater Zone

Journey into a wondrous world where the only boundaries are that of the imagination: the midwater zone. While it accounts for only one quarter of the ocean’s area, it contains the majority of its life, and is the world’s largest habitat. Daylight generally doesn’t reach the creatures of the midwater zone, but modern technology will bring them to the surface in this fascinating video and image-filled presentation by Dr. Matsumoto of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California.


Meet the only female pilot-in-command of 48 Alvin deep-sea submersible dives, Dr. Cindy Van Dover, as she takes you Beyond the Edge of the Sea

Strange animals live in the deep sea. Among them are eyeless shrimp that can see in the dark; giant worms of exquisite design, and snails with plates of armor. The past 30 years of deep-sea exploration, and the discovery of hot springs on the seafloor, have yielded hundreds of new species, some of unimaginable design, and we’ve only begun to explore them. Dr. Van Dover is the Director or Duke University’s Marine Laboratory in North Carolina and was pilot-in-command of 48 Alvin submersible dives.