Creatures of the Abyss Marketing Guide

Creatures of the Abyss
A new travelling exhibition produced by Science North

More than 95 percent of the ocean remains unexplored, and most of this is the deep sea. Earth's last great frontier - the deep sea - is cold, remote, pitch black and under extreme pressure.  It’s an inhospitable environment where humans cannot survive without special protection, but modern technology is enabling scientists to explore these unknown realms. 

“There is an entire landscape at the bottom of the ocean that rivals the one we see on land. There are vast plains, towering mountain ranges, valleys, canyons and ridges,” said Brenda Koziol, Science North Senior Scientist for Special Projects.  “Creatures of the Abyss is the seventh traveling exhibition produced by Science North, and we really wanted to give our visitors the opportunity to experience the environments, discover the amazing creatures in this largely unknown world, and meet the scientists who explore the deep sea.”

The special exhibition is divided by themes that will take you into the deep, and introduce the creatures that inhabit these unique and fascinating landscapes.  It is an immersive and awe-inspiring glimpse into another world.