Creatures of the Abyss Marketing Guide

Seamounts are undersea mountains, usually formed by deep-sea volcanoes, which rise from the ocean floor as distinct features, but do not reach the surface. Press a button to reveal a seamount model hidden below the ocean surface, and marvel at the richness of life around it and in the water column above it. Currents from the ocean floor swirl around many seamounts, bringing nutrient-rich waters from the depths. As a result, many fish and invertebrate species populate seamounts. The upwelling nutrients can continue to the ocean’s surface, and support an abundance of marine life above and below the water’s surface.

Other things you’ll discover:

  • At the Seamount Lab, examine specimens including deep-sea corals and a fangtooth fish. Little-known, long-lived corals are often found on seamounts, and can provide important shelter and spawning areas for certain fish species.
  • The abundance of life on seamounts generally increases as you move up the slope from the base, the opposite of mountains on land where abundance decreases as you approach the summit.