Quick Facts
Creatures of the Abyss Marketing Guide

Size: 6,000 sq. ft. (600 m2)
Number of Exhibits: 40
Visit Duration: Approx. 1.5 to 2 hours

Interactive Exhibits:

The Ocean’s Water Column:  rotating column

Dive to the Abyss!:  computer kiosk with joystick control and large monitor, video clips of creatures

Colossal Squid Model:  life-size model of colossal squid with animatronic eye, and touchable arms and tentacles

Sperm Whale: push-button audio interactive

Colossal Squid:  computer station (touch screen)

Squid’s Eye View: touchable model of a colossal squid eye, sliding magnifier with squid eye specimens

Cephalopod Mimicry and Camouflage:  computer quiz with three narrated videos (touch screen)

Cephalopod Ink:  computer quiz with two narrated videos (touch screen), ink specimen

Cephalopod Beaks: mechanical squid beak interactive, sliding magnifier with beak specimens

Cephalopod Tentacles and Arms: rotating block puzzle, sliding magnifier with arm and tentacle specimens

Light Up the Ocean!:  darkened black-light area with mirrors, costumes with bioluminescent patterns, lift and drop graphic panels

Deep-Sea Sensations sensory exhibits:

The Dark Ocean: light penetration exhibit with enclosed column and push button light control

Under Pressure: (1) compressed foam heads illuminated by push button control; (2) pressure cuff with push button control

Cold Temperatures:  temperature exhibit with metal bars

ROV into the Monterey Canyon:  interactive exhibit includes enclosed cylinder, model ROV with camera and lights, joystick controls, touch-screen interface

Black Smoker Model:  temperature interactive with push-button lights

Seamount Reveal:  push button to reveal hidden seamount

Ocean Issues:  digital projection globe system with touch-screen computer interface

Share Your Comments:  shelf with paper and pencils, posting system

Video/Show Experiences:

Bioluminescence Theater:  partially enclosed and darkened theater space, four-minute video production

Cephalopod Intelligence:  two narrated videos (touch screen)

Cephalopod Mimicry and Camouflage:  three narrated videos (part of touch-screen computer quiz)

Cephalopod Locomotion:  three narrated videos (touch screen)

Cephalopod Ink:  two narrated videos (part of touch-screen computer quiz)

Cephalopod Beaks:  video (touch screen)

The Gully: narrated video

The Monterey Canyon:  narrated video

Lizardfish Surprise:  video of hunting behavior (accompanies motion-activated lizardfish in abyssal plain diorama)

Bottom Scavenging Whale Fall:  three narrated videos of decomposition stages

Alvin Theater:  stylized reproduction of Alvin personnel sphere with ‘porthole’ screens; three narrated videos, each two minutes long

Explore a Seamount:  narrated video

Ocean Issues:  video interviews of researchers (part of interactive digital projection globe system with touch-screen interface)

Voices for the Deep:  motion-activated video on large monitor