Deep-Sea Canyons
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Deep-sea canyons are some of the most extraordinary landscape features on Earth. They are often found at the edges of the world’s continental shelves and can be many thousands of feet deep. Submarine canyons are home to a great variety of marine life, and life has adapted to the conditions at various depths.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including some deep-sea canyons, are being identified and created in the deep ocean. The Gully on the east coast and the Monterey Canyon on the west coast are some of the largest North American canyons located within protected areas. The dramatic cliffs and profiles of these submarine canyons rival any canyons on land, and create a variety of habitats for unique animal communities.

Other things you’ll discover:

  • There is an amazing diversity of cold-water corals that live in the totally dark, cold waters of the Gully. Some of these corals are hundreds of years old!
  • The Monterey Canyon was the first known deep-sea canyon when it was discovered in the mid-1850s. Today, it is one of the best-studied submarine canyons in the world.