The Deep Ocean
Creatures of the Abyss Marketing Guide

Below the reach of light from the Sun, the deep sea is cold, dark, and under immense pressure. It is also home to the colossal squid -- the largest known species of squid by weight! Get up close to a life-sized model of a colossal squid and compare it to the size of its only known predator, the sperm whale. Walk through the colossal squid’s tentacles, and take your photo with this icon of the deep. Scientists believe that the colossal squid can grow up to 8 meters long. At surrounding exhibits, explore the adaptation of the colossal squid and other cephalopods, which includes squids and octopuses. Cephalopods are a remarkable class of creatures that are found in all ocean basins and at every depth.

Other things you’ll discover:

  • Ever feel like you’re being watched? Did you know that the eye of a colossal squid is roughly 12 inches  (30 cm) in diameter? That’s the size of a dinner plate, or even a soccer ball! The colossal squid has the largest eye of any animal on our planet.
  • Cephalopods are known to have the largest brains of all invertebrates, and show considerable intelligence with their navigational abilities, predatory techniques and spatial learning capacity.
  • Examine the ins and outs of a cephalopod. Check out their beaks, their inking behaviors, their tentacles and arms, and cephalopods in motion.
  • Study other fascinating midwater creatures to see the size and variations of different animals that live in the water column.