Abyssal Plains
Creatures of the Abyss Marketing Guide

Abyssal plains are the flattest places on Earth! These vast, flat areas make up 40% of the world’s ocean floors and cover more area than all of the Earth’s land surfaces combined. The abyssal plains are covered with a thick blanket of sediment consisting of organic and inorganic material that falls from above. Marine life is not as abundant here as it is in other ocean habitats, as food is very scarce. Many abyssal plain creatures have developed ways to conserve energy in their search for nutrition.  Many of the creatures also feed on the organic material, called marine snow, which falls from above.

Other things you’ll discover:

  • You’ll be surprised as an animatronic lizardfish lunges from near the ocean bottom as if to devour unsuspecting prey in the abyssal plain diorama. The motion of the lizardfish activates a video of a similar fish that lies in wait on the ocean floor and grabs a fish as it swims within reach of its jaws.
  • At the whale fall display, learn why the arrival of a whale carcass is a tremendous injection of food to the deep, feeding hundreds of species of animals for years or even decades.
  • Marine snow falls constantly from above, providing an essential source of nutrients for many deep-sea animals.