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Arctic Adventure Exhibitor Marketing Guide


Background Information


SUDBURY, ON – Arctic Adventure is a 100 square metre (1,000 square foot) travelling exhibition developed and produced by Science North. Arctic Adventure takes visitors to the Arctic to explore this fascinating (and cold!) environment, through interactive and artifact-based exhibits and audiovisual experiences. Arctic Adventure explores the unique nature of the Earth’s Arctic region, the current science being undertaken there, and how this region is an indicator of climate change on our planet.

Visitors will compare bear skulls, compare their own weight to that of a polar bear and learn about the status of polar bears from research scientists. They will examine specimens and test their knowledge of Arctic whales and other animals, observe the amazing adaptations of Arctic plant species and more.

Arctic Adventure was produced to travel during International Polar Year (IPY). The International Council for Science (ICSU) has designated March 1, 2007 to March 1, 2009 as IPY. ICSU is a non-governmental organization representing a global membership of science councils and other science bodies. IPY is a high-profile event that will generate international media interest and raise public awareness of the poles on a scale comparable to current awareness of climate change (today’s "hottest" topic). For more information, visit www.ipy.org.

With its attention to current science, and the universal appeal of polar bears and other Arctic life, Arctic Adventure is sure to attract and fascinate new visitors wherever it is exhibited.


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