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Arctic Adventure Exhibitor Marketing Guide



Arctic Adventure offers plenty of creative opportunities. The following artwork is provided to assist you in creating your Arctic Adventure campaign, giving you direction for representing/recognizing exhibit “producer” (Science North) and exhibit “supporters” in your campaign. The artwork Science North is providing you is “layered” so you may use the creative “as is” or use individual elements if you choose to develop your own campaign. The creative materials provided support the following communication objectives and strategies.

Creative Objective:

Given that the perception of the Arctic is icy and cold (and more recently an indicator of climate change), how can we best attract audiences to experience the fascinating and fun content of the exhibition.

Creative Strategies:

  • Create interest “early and often” by promoting facts, trivia etc. in your communication and creative strategies.
  • Be consistent with visuals and messages. The images of polar bears and other Artic animals have universal appeal for all ages. The consistent use of these “signature” visuals will help to distinctively brand the exhibition.


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