Science North Recognition Guidelines

In accordance with the WaterWorks Travelling Exhibition Lease Agreement, Clients leasing the WaterWorks Exhibition are responsible for the following:

1.      To produce and bear the cost of all publicity, promotion and advertising relating to the display of the Exhibition at their venue.

2.      To use the WaterWorks logo provided by Science North. A copy of the WaterWorks logo can be found on the WaterWorks exhibitionor web site under “Creative”.

3.      To identify and credit Science North as the owner of the Exhibition in all publicity, communications and promotional materials relating to the Exhibition, wherever practical, using the following credit line: WaterWorks: Soak up the Science is a production of Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.  A copy of the Science North logo can be found on the WaterWorks exhibitor web site under “Creative”.

4.      Where Science North has secured Tour Sponsors, to provide these Sponsors with additional or alternate credit line(s) as supplied by Science North.

5.      To submit to Science North for approval at least 30 days before use all promotional materials you plan to use to market the exhibit.

To grant to Exhibition Sponsors rights as defined by the respective Sponsor category in the Marketing Kit, that shall generally include (but are not limited to):

Inclusion in an opening press conference

The right to hold a reception party at the Client’s facilities at the Sponsors’ expense,

The Tour Sponsors’ names and/or logos on advertising and materials created in connection with the Exhibition (as more clearly explained on page 35).

Complimentary passes to the Exhibition at the Venue.  

The Tour Sponsors’ names and logos shall be prominently displayed in the Exhibit.

6.      To recognize Sponsors as follows:  Dow Corning Foundation shall be recognized as the Tour Presenter on all publicity, communications and promotional materials related to the Exhibit.  The City of Greater Sudbury shall also be recognized as a Supporting Sponsor on all press releases issued to promote the Exhibit.  Canadian exhibitors must also recognize GE Canada as a Supporting Sponsor in all press releases promoting the exhibit.

7.      To provide to Science North, no later than 45 days following the date of closing of the Exhibit, an attendance and publicity report.  This summary report shall include attendance figures, press clippings and reviews, installation photos and other pertinent information related to the display of the Exhibit.

8.      If applicable, should there be an opening event for the Exhibit, to invite representatives of Science North and the Exhibition Sponsors to the Event and include a representative in the opening remarks.

      Please refer to your WaterWorks Travelling Exhibition Lease Agreement for full details and to ensure you are meeting your contractual obligations in all areas.