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Waterworks: Soak up the Science makes a splash at
(insert your facility) on (Insert launch date)

(Insert your City/Province/State) – Waterworks: Soak Up the Science makes its debut at (Insert your facility) on (Insert your launch date). The 600 square metre (6,000 square foot) travelling exhibition, developed and produced by Science North, Canada’s world-renowned science centre, will involve audiences in better understanding and appreciating our most precious natural resource.

“Blue is the new green,” says (Insert name, title and organization). “Earth is a blue planet with 75% covered in water. But only a very small percentage is available for human consumption. Waterworks responds to the age-old myth of complete water abundance and addresses the need for sustainability for future generations.” 

Visitors will explore the physical properties of water, learn how water “cycles” from the tap to the treatment process, calculate their consumption and pick up conservation strategies.

The design and engineering construction of WaterWorks is both imaginative and conservational – allowing visitors to play with water, harness its power and grasp its importance in our everyday lives – without wasting a drop!

With its unique, timely and highly interactive approach to science education WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science is sure to attract and WOW visitors to (Insert your facility). The exhibition runs to (Insert closing date). The traveling exhibition is made possible by Dow Corning, the tour sponsor, and (Insert names  of supporting sponsors).