Marketing Introduction

What do we need to know about marketing WaterWorks Soak Up the Science? What do our visitors and prospective target audiences really understand about our most precious resource? How can we promote the exhibition and attract these audiences to get to know their H20?

The materials and suggestions offered in this Marketing Guide are intended to assist you in developing your own marketing and promotional strategies. What works for us may not work for everyone. We encourage you to:

  • Use the messages and images as supplied or create your own within the supplied guidelines.
  • Submit your marketing and promotional materials including artwork to Science North for approval prior to placement or printing.
  • Share your marketing and promotional strategies and materials with Science North so others can benefit from your experiences.
Be sure to review and adhere to the guidelines and mandatory requirements in this guide and in your exhibitor lease agreement for WaterWorks - Soak Up the Science.

"the WaterWorks display was a highly and informative display. Students enjoyed a variety of hands-on activities that stimulated their interest and taught them key science-related concepts. Many of the displays were practical as well, providing cool information for students to apply to the real world. The displays provided a stimulating environment for a variety of age ranges. Sound, lighting and eye-catching displays also drew the kids in."