WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science
A new travelling exhibition produced by Science North

SUDBURY, ON - We live on a blue planet – 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. The majority of this (97%) is salt water. Only 3% is fresh water and most of the fresh water stored on the planet is frozen in glaciers.  And the only water that we will ever have is what we have now.

WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science is a 600 square metre (6,000 square foot) travelling exhibition and multimedia experience developed and produced by Science North, Canada’s world-renowned science centre. The special exhibition, launched at Science North in 2008, involves audiences in gaining a better understanding of and appreciation for our most precious natural resource, and the need for sustainability for future generations.

Visitors explore the physical properties of water with exhibits on raindrops, rainbows and snowflakes. They learn how water “cycles” from the tap to the treatment process, calculate their consumption and learn conservation strategies.

Numerous fun, interactive learning experiences enable visitors to experience the playful, powerful and precious world of H2O. Walter the adventurous Water Molecule shares his experiences in the wondrous and unpredictable world of water cycles and transformations.

The design and engineering construction of WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science is both imaginative and conservational – allowing visitors to play with water, harness its power and grasp its importance in our everyday lives – without wasting a drop!

With its unique, timely and highly interactive approach to science education WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science is sure to attract and WOW visitors over the course of its anticipated five-year tour of science centres and museums throughout North America.