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City of Greater Sudbury
When Sir John A MacDonald's vision of a transcontinental railroad inched through Northeastern Ontario and established Sudbury Junction, few expected it to become more than a temporary work camp for CPR crews. If not for the discovery of the abundance of unexpected mineral wealth, this may have been the end of the little settlement.

Today Greater Sudbury is home to the largest integrated mining complex in the world and has evolved into a dynamic and diverse regional capital - the centre of government, education, healthcare, business and financial services for northeastern Ontario.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada Guidelines - Great Lakes Area (DFO)
DFO’s Fish Habitat Management Program protects and conserves fish habitat in support of Canada's fisheries resources.  On a daily basis we review proposals for works and undertakings in or near water, from cottage shorelines to hydro dams.  We also monitor compliance and enforce the habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act.

DFO is involved in watershed planning, habitat enhancement projects, stewardship and public education.  We work in collaboration with the provincial government, conservation authorities, industry and First Nations groups on protecting and conserving fish habitat.