Physical Properties of Water

Make a Rainbow

White light is projected through the fresnel lens of an overhead projector and then through a rectangular aquarium of water. Visitors will discover the magic of water by making a perfect rainbow.  Computer interactives challenge visitors to learn more about rainbows and other colourful atmospheric phenomena such as sundogs and solar haloes. 


Capture a Raindrop

What is the true shape of a raindrop? Where are the driest and wettest places on the planet? What are the factors that effect patterns of precipitation?

An overhead reservoir releases a slow drip of water that falls into a lower reservoir. Visitors vary the pulse of a strobe light to capture a water droplet as it falls, discovering the true shape of raindrops. Graphic panels explain global precipitation patterns and how rainfall is an essential component of the water cycle.


Find a Perfect Snowflake

Visitors observe real, preserved snowflakes using a high magnification tool. Graphic panels explain the wonderful structures of snowflakes, how they form, and the millions of shapes they take, from six sided to twelve pointed.