Harnessing Water's Power

Water Pinball

Water Pinball is a closed system filled with water wheels, small turbines, pipes, and chambers.  By turning valves on and off to control the flow of water from the main reservoir, visitors can play four interactive games – Hydrostatic pressure, Water Plinko, Toilet Siphon, and Hydroelectricity. Graphic panels explain the scientific principles at work.

The Hydraulic Lift

The exhibit demonstrates how a load can be lifted by transferring energy via a hand pump to a hydraulic cylinder, and how the relative size of the pump determines the stroke to lift ratio. Visitors are invited to choose from a series of different sized hand pumps to lift a friend or family-member. When the person on the chair reaches the maximum lift, they release a valve to bring the chair down.

Pilot a Submarine

How do submarines rise and sink?  When placed in water, why do some objects float, some sink, and some do neither?Visitors are presented with a six-foot high water filled cylinder housing a model submarine. Visitors can control the up and down movements of the submarine by manipulating its buoyant force and can control its forward and backward movements with small motors attached to the sub. The mission: pilot the sub and hit each of the four underwater targets.