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Mysteries of the Great Lakes Marketing Guide

Sponsor Guidelines

Science North shall secure sponsors for the Film (the “Film Sponsors”), who shall be recognized in the credits of the Film and in various promotional materials and activities related to the Film.  The Exhibitor agrees to cooperate with all reasonable requests to acknowledge and support such Sponsors, including invitations to the opening of the Film and inclusion in the opening program, should such events be held. Science North will notify the Exhibitor of any Film Sponsors at least three months in advance of the commencement of the License Period.  If a Film Sponsor is secured after this time, the Client is excused from these obligations to the extent that production commitments have already been made on marketing materials.

The Exhibitor hereby warrants that it has not obtained, nor will it seek or obtain any local or regional sponsors for the showing of the Film at the Theatre that may conflict with the Film Sponsors, as determined reasonably by Science North.  Exhibitor hereby warrants that it does not have previously contracted sponsors for the showing of the Film who may potentially conflict with the Film Sponsors.  Exhibitor shall retain all funds provided by regional/local sponsors.  Exhibitor shall include Film Sponsors’ names in a prominent positioning on all advertising, to which local and regional sponsors shall be subordinate.



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