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Mysteries of the Great Lakes Marketing Guide

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(Your city) – Forty million people live around the Great Lakes, and most have no idea the mysteries they hold.  Mysteries of the Great Lakes takes audiences on a journey from the tip of Lake Superior to the edge of Lake Ontario, and unveils several mysteries along the way. Visit (your theatre) to discover extraordinary Great Lakes mysteries that hide in plain sight.  Discover these Mysteries of the Great Lakes on the only screen large enough to reveal them - IMAX!

  • Why are prehistoric creatures still living in Lake Superior?
  • How could a million trillion litres of water reduce to a trickle, then return once again?
  • Why, on a remote island, did evolution take a left turn?

Explore the beauty of these “inland seas”, and discover the dramatic story of human degradation – and redemption.  Over the past hundred years, the Great Lakes have experienced some of the worst environmental atrocities in North America, but are now the subject of one of the most extensive cleanup projects in history.  Now, in the age of redemption, international efforts have resulted in bird and fish species rebounding from the brink of destruction to sustainable populations once again.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes is a timely film. All across the Great Lakes basin, there is a renewed interest in the health of the Lakes, and an increased awareness of the importance of this fresh water resource to the social and economic vitality of North America.  The Great Lakes contain a fifth of all of the planet’s fresh water.  Today, 25% of all Canadians, and 10% of Americans live on the Great Lakes. In addition, one in every three Canadians and one in every seven Americans rely on the Great Lakes for their fresh water.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes is a film that will take all who see it on a voyage of discovery – one that will help lead to a greater appreciation and a lasting commitment to preserving these wonders of the natural world.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes opens at (your theater) on (insert dates) at (insert times). 

For showtimes visit: (your website) or www.mysteriesofthegreatlakes.com.


Mysteries of the Great Lakes is a Science North production, produced and directed by Science North’s David Lickley.  The film includes spectacular scenery and wildlife footage that is unlike anything ever captured for this medium before.  The production budget for Mysteries of the Great Lakes was $6 million dollars.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes has already been leased to eleven theatres across North America.  Many other giant-screen theatres in Canada, the U.S.A., and other parts of the world are also interested in leasing the film.

Several Canadian and American organizations are backing this film.  FedNav Limited is the presenting sponsor for Mysteries of the Great Lakes.  Their early commitment to the film allowed this project to move forward. 

Unilever Canada is also a major sponsor, as well as the film's promotional sponsor. Unilever is supporting the film through a generous cash sponsorship, and will also be helping launch the film through promotional initiatives.

Other major funding partners of the film include the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, Fed Nor, Parks Canada, Ontario Power Generation, Presque Isle Partnership of Erie, Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation are also providing funding to support the film. 

The Port Authorities of Hamilton, Toronto, Quebec and Thunder Bay, along with the Ports of Indiana are also supporting Mysteries of the Great Lakes. Giant screen theatres at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and the Great Lakes Science Centre in Cleveland are on board as well.

For more information about Science North’s giant screenfilm Mysteries of the Great Lakes visit: http://mysteriesofthegreatlakes.com.

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