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Mysteries of the Great Lakes Marketing Guide

About Science North Large Format Films

For more than a decade, Science North in Sudbury, Ontario Canada has been producing IMAX® films.  With the creation of Mysteries of the Great Lakes, Science North has become one of the leading producers of giant screen films in Canada.  It is the only science centre in the world with an in-house large format films production unit and it has built a reputation as a specialist in environmental and natural history themes.  Science North has also won several awards within the large format films industry.  In 2008, with the launch of the IMAX film, Mysteries of the Great Lakes, Science North expanded its role in the industry by also becoming a giant screen film distributor. 

In 1994 Science North opened its IMAX Theatre on time and on budget, having completed construction in less than 12 months during the coldest winter in 42 years.  Since then, Science North has produced four giant screen films, and plans to continue this trend over the coming years.

Gold Fever is Science North’s first giant screen film production.  The 40-minute film, which was released in 1999, includes dazzling graphic animation and an original orchestral score.  It is currently being screened in IMAX theatres around the world.

Science North’s first nature film, Bears, was the most successful natural history giant screen film of 2001 and has been booked in more than 50 theatres to date and counting.

Science North followed Bears with the release of Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees, which won the award for Best Film for Lifelong Learning at the Giant Screen Theater Association (now Giant Screen Cinema Association-GSCA) Awards in 2003, was runner-up for the Best Theatrical Film at the Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival and was a finalist for Best Film at the GSCA conference in 2004. With nearly one hundred confirmed leases, and many more in negotiation, Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees is a critical and box office success.

Science North’s newest release, Mysteries of the Great Lakes, is a visual masterpiece that captures the beauty, and importance, of the Great Lakes.  This film takes audiences on a journey through the greatest freshwater system in the world, and showcases the amazing geography, ecology, and history of the region on the only screen large enough to reveal them.

Science North entered the giant screen film industry because of two factors: the staff’s extensive experience in the production of multi-media theatres for the Science Centre, and like many science centres, Science North recognized the need for a continuing supply of films to screen in its IMAX Theatre that are educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Thus, Science North Large Format Films was born.

Science North’s production crews have shot in some of the most difficult locations in the world. They’ve lit the interior of the largest Buddhist temple in Thailand and swung an IMAX camera through trees with chimpanzees in Tanzania. They’ve held their ground while an 800-pound grizzly bear charged directly at them, and they’ve logged enough helicopter time to fly from Nairobi to New York City.

Science North has partnered with other science centres including the Ontario Science Centre and the Science Museum of Minnesota; collaborated with world-renowned scientists such as Dr. Jane Goodall, and with conservation organizations like the National Wildlife Federation. Science North’s films have been funded by major corporations including Barrick Gold and the Bank of America, and by public funders such as Heritage Canada and the US National Science Foundation.

To date, Science North’s films have screened in well over a hundred and fifty theatres, and this number continues to rise. Science North is committed to producing films that fulfill its mission to create inspiring and educational giant screen films.

Science North IMAX Films:

  • Mysteries of the Great Lakes
  • Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees
  • Bears
  • Gold Fever

Science North Productions - Other

  • Wings Over the North



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