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Given the universal appeal of polar bears and penguins, Ends of the Earth offers plenty of merchandise opportunities for your gift shop, special events and promotions. The following merchandise ideas are the “tip of the iceberg” and are simply some ideas of possible themed merchandise you may want to look at. You are not obligated to use these suppliers. Feel free to explore the world of Arctic and Antarctic merchandising opportunities on your own.


  • Book written by Kathy Conlan, one of the researchers in 'Meet the Antarctic Scientists' - Visit Link
  • Books written by Lloyd Davis, our Ends of the Earth: From Polar Bears to Penguins exhibit advisor - Visit Link
  • Book written by Tom Mangelsen, who provided many of the polar bear images in the Ends of the Earth exhibit. One of his books is in the showcase for 'Polar Bear Threats.' - Visit Link
  • Snowflake books - Visit Link
  • Zoobooks.com - Penguins, Polar bears, Seals & Sea Lions, Whales - Visit Link


  • Karvonen Films - Albert Karvonen has 2 appropriate films: "Land of the Ice Bear" and "Circumpolar Bears" - Visit Link

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Arctic and Antarctic Book
Dorling Kindersley
PHONE: (800) 399-6858
FAX: (800) 363-2665


Polar Bear Pincher
K&M Toys
PHONE: (800) 396-8884
FAX: (905) 712-4306

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Arctic and Antarctic DVD
Dorling Kindersley
PHONE: (800) 399-6858
FAX: (800) 363-2665

merchandise 5

Polar Bear Sculptures
Kalyn Imports
PHONE: (416) 497-7984 
FAX: (416) 490-0298
E-MAIL: sales@kalynltd.com

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Polar Bear Shaped Puzzle
Great American Puzzle Factory Inc.
PHONE: (800) 922-1194
E-Mail: mail@greatamericanpuzzle.com

merchandise 6

Assorted T-shirts
The Mountain
PHONE:  (603) 355-3700
FAX:  (603) 355-3702
E-Mail: sales@themountain.com

merchandise 7

Arctic Toob
Melissa & Doug
PHONE: (800) 284-3948
E-Mail: sales@melissaanddoug.com

merchandise 8

Penguin Puppets
Folkmanis Puppets
Northbridge Trading
PHONE: (800) 748-8986           
E-Mail: orders@northbridge.ca

merchandise 9

Arctic Poles Puzzle
Pamela Drake Inc.
PHONE: (800) 966-3762
FAX: (510) 528-2995
E-Mail: support@pameladrakeinc.com

merchandise 9

Penguin Sculptures
Kalyn Imports
PHONE: (416) 497-7984 
FAX: (416) 490-0298
E-MAIL: sales@kalynltd.com


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