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This Education Guide is a tool for educators to explore the many fascinating aspects of the two Polar Regions - the Arctic and the Antarctic. Ends of the Earth explores the key themes of polar geography, polar wildlife and their adaptations, polar exploration, and the impact of climate change on the poles.

This guide provides background information on these themes, descriptions of participatory activities, as well as references and other resources. The guide may be used to prepare the students for a visit to the exhibition, as a follow up to the visit, or to simply stimulate exploration of themes not covered within the exhibition. The suggested activities can be adapted to various grade levels and complement other studies in science, biology, geography, and history.

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Downloads Referenced in the Educators Guide
Page 27 - Penguin Feather Photo Archive
Page 29 - Polar Bear Hair Images
Page 33 - Polar Bear Satllite Tracking Atlas (28.1MB)

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