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Print/Collateral - Other Ads

The creative in this section is meant to assist you in developing your own marketing materials. After all, what works for some, may not work for everyone. And no one knows better about your markets, audiences and opportunities than you do. Use the messages and images as supplied or create your own within the supplied guidelines. We have provided downloadable artwork in a psd format (layered artwork) so your designers can create your own customized materials. Note that in artwork polar bears and penguins should never be shown as appearing to live with penguins. Only those species of penguins that are native to the Antarctic should be used such as Emperors, Adelies, Gentoos, Chinstraps, etc.

Be sure to review and adhere to the guidelines and mandatory requirements outlined in the "Recognition" section of this guide and in your exhibitor lease agreement for Ends of the Earth. Remember to submit your marketing and promotional materials including artwork to Science North for approval prior to placement or printing.

Please note that the polar bear, penguin and background landscape images in the artwork provided are licenced and, as a condition of this licence, these images cannot be used on merchandise or anything produced by Ends of the Earth Clients for distribution for profit. If you are producing print runs of marketing materials in quantities greater than 500,000 pieces please notify Science North as a separate licencing fee will apply.

A Note About the Signpost Graphic: Exhibitors may customize the signpost graphic used in creative with the actual distances to the Arctic and Antarctic from your own city. Science North will calculate these distances for clients. Please contact Dallas Pelloquin for this information (peloquin@sciencenorth.ca).

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