Have a Nice DNA

Cold Spring Harbor

Style # 978-0879696108

Retail $9.95

Double Talking Helix Blues

Cold Spring Harbor

Style # 978-0879694319

Retail $16.00

Microbiology Coloring Book

Harper Collins

Style # 978-0060419257

Retail $22.50

Human Evolution Coloring Book

Harper Collins

Style # 978-0062737175

Retail $21.99

Stuff of Life


Style # 978-0809089475

Retail $14.95

You Share Your Genes with Me

23 and me

Retail $9.99

Cover art not final.

Double Helix

Simon & Schuster

Style # 978-1476715490

Retail $30.00



Style # 978-0060894085

Retail $15.99

A Life Decoded


Style # 978-0143114185

Retail $17.00

Immortal Life Henrietta Lacks

Random House

Style # 4667325

Retail $16.00

Race Decoded

Stanford Univ. Press

Style # 978-0804774086

Retail $24.95

Woman Who Walked into Sea

Yale Univ. Press

Style # 978-0300158618

Retail $23.00

Rosalind Franklin


Style # 978-0060985080

Retail $15.99

Pet DNA kit

Mars Veterinary

Retail $74.99

DNA Canine Rubber Chew Toy (various sizes)

JW Pet

Retail estimate $9–$16

Canvas Wall Art 26x18 and 36x24 Custom and generic

Yonder Biology

Retail TBD

17x26 rolled posters

Yonder Biology

Retail $10.00

Lucite DNA Art 8x12 with stand

Yonder Biology

Retail estimate $40 to $50

Genes in a bottle kit

Bio Rad Labratories

Retail $40.00

Genetics and DNA kit

Thames and Cosmos

Genetics and DNA kit

DNA science kit

Science Wiz

Retail $28.00

Double Helix 3D puzzle

Cardboard Safari

US made

Retail $40.00

DNA build kit


Retail estimate $15.00

Microscope Kit

Wow Toyz

Retail $55.00


M. Folz

Silver plated pendants on chain and earrings of DNA and Golden Ratio.

Retails $25 earrings / $40 pendants


M. Folz

Nervous System, made in USA. Nylon in assorted colorsCreated using 3D imaging of various natural forms.

Retails $35 to $75