Marketing Introduction

marketing audience diamonds

The materials and suggestions offered in this marketing guide are intended to assist you in developing your marketing and promotional strategies.

We do encourage you to:

  • Use the messages and images as supplied or create your own within the supplied guidelines.
  • Remember to submit your marketing and promotional materials including artwork to Science North for approval prior to placement or printing.
  • Share your marketing and promotional strategies and materials with Science North for inclusion on the marketing guide website so others can benefit from your experiences.

Be sure to review and adhere to the guidelines and mandatory requirements outlined in this guide and in your exhibitor lease agreement for Diamonds.

If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. See the “Contacts” section of this guide for the names and contact information of specific people from Science North with whom you may correspond.

Please note that we will continue to update this Marketing Guide over time to add new information and ideas. We recommend you check the exhibitor web site and the downloadable PDF of this guide for the “last updated” date to ensure you have the most recent information.