Recognition Guidelines

The following recognition guidelines must be referred to in order to appropriately recognize the Science North, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Exhibit's funders, and any other tour sponsors/supporters in all promotions and marketing materials produced by the exhibitor (the Client).

As an exhibitor you may seek non-competing Supporting Sponsors and sponsors at other levels, subject to approval by the primary contact person. This approval must be obtained prior to entering into any formal relationship with your non-competing Supporting Sponsors. Approvals must include recognition of other sponsors in any promotions or marketing of the exhibit at your venue. Please contact the Arctic Voices primary contact person for approval.

Recognition Guidelines

Arctic Voices exhibitors are responsible for all publicity, promotion and advertising relating to the display of the Exhibit at their venue.

Arctic Voices exhibitors must use the Arctic Voices logo provided.

Arctic Voices exhibit clients must identify and credit Science North and the Canadian Museum of Nature as the developers and producers of the Exhibit in all publicity, communications and promotional materials relating to the Exhibit, wherever practical, using the following credit line: "Arctic Voices is a co-production of the Canadian Museum of Nature and Science North." or alternatively "Co-produced by" and the Canadian Museum of Nature and Science North logos provided. The logos may be scaled proportionally but must not be altered in any other way. All logos can be downloaded from the Logos page.

All promotional materials used to market the Exhibit must be submitted for approval at least 10 days before its use. If approval within a shorter timeframe is required, we will do our best to accommodate such requests. Please contact the Arctic Voices primary contact person for approval.

Arctic Voices exhibitors must send to Science North, no later than 45 days following the date of closing of the Exhibit, an attendance and publicity report. This summary report shall include attendance figures, press clippings and reviews, installation photos and other pertinent information related to the display of the Exhibit. Please submit the summary report to the Attendance & Publicity report contact person.

Please refer to your Arctic Voices Traveling Exhibit Lease Agreement for full details and to ensure you are meeting your contractual obligations in all areas.