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Mysteries of the Great Lakes - Production Updates

May 2007 - Undercurrents

We’re on a fishing expedition and the fish are definitely here in force. This is no ordinary fish. It’s a 300-pound dinosaur called the sturgeon. The biologists strain under the weight of the world’s largest lake fish and it takes three of them to eventually lift it onto shore. A team awaits, much like the triage unit in a war zone... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

June 2007 - Undercurrents

Our location here in northern Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Superior is unlike
any other part of the Great Lakes. Rather than the sharply defined rivers and cliffs
of much of the rest of this lake, the south side here is a series of meandering, slow
moving rivers that together create one of the greatest marsh and slough areas left
on the lakes... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

July 2007 - Undercurrents

It’s safe to say we’ve had an incredible run of luck – beyond all expectations.
We’ve had the weather we’d dreamed of coupled with the action we’d scripted. We
needed an establishing shot of 400-year-old native rock paintings on a huge cliff
face on Lake Superior, and the only way to get that shot was from the notoriously
choppy lake. As we tooled around in our little zodiak, as expected, the waves were
just too bouncy to get a steady shot... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

August 2007 - Undercurrents

After wildlife photographer Neil Rettig’s shoot of nesting bald eagles was cut short
due to a storm, he radioed in to be picked up and brought back to the base. The
rescue crew of five climbed into the boat and plunged through Superior’s waves en
route to the pick up spot. They reached Neil in good time, loaded up the gear, and
headed back to home base - that’s when things took a serious turn for the worst... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

September 2007 - Undercurrents

It feels a bit like being in the film, Groundhog Day. Once more we’re in the small
town of Ashland on the south shore of Superior. (You’ll recall reading about our
misadventures in near drowning here in the last edition of Undercurrents…) This
time, we’re flying in a helicopter and a Cessna to shoot aerials – which is always a
bit nerve wracking... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

October 2007 - Undercurrents

Things have come pretty much full circle.
We began principal photography here in
the small town of Shawano during the
sturgeon spawning run in April, and now
here we are again getting ready to film the
finale of our story. From those massive
fish – some weighing nearly 200 pounds –
tiny eggs were gathered and fertilized, and
in the course of only six months they’ve
grown into miniature sturgeon about one
foot in length... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

November 2007 - Undercurrents

It’s dawn and the sky is black and wet with rain. The crew musters early for a quick
bowl of gruel, and then the trucks roll out to the dockyards. Getting through the
gates at Stelco Steel is easier today, as we are now known as the IMAX guys, complete
with hardhats, safety glasses and glow-in-the-dark vests... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

December 2007 - Undercurrents

It’s pretty idyllic when your editor owns a winery and works out of a studio in rural
Ontario in a barn that is designated as a heritage building. When I look out the
window, I see row after row of vines. Once in a while, the dachshunds for which
Longdog Winery is named come snuffling into the editing room in search of affection,
but otherwise there are few distractions, and few visitors apart from Rod, the
FedEx man.... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1

January 2008 - Undercurrents

I’m a man in motion – a perpetual traveling machine, and I’m starting to show signs of wear. In the past month, I’ve slept in my own bed 5 nights. I don’t so much unpack as repack when I’m home, and my wife and dog are feeling abandoned. I’ve called in reinforcements for snow removal, as I never seem to be home when the storms hit, and I’ve filled the kindling bin with enough wood to start a thousand fires. It’s the least I can do. .... Download PDF.

undercurrents issue 1




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