Film Production

In 1994, Science North opened its IMAX theater in Sudbury, Ontario and immediately began development of our own IMAX films. Since then, we have released four large format films, two large format 4D productions and are in development on several other projects, making us one of the leading producers of educational large format films in the world. We are the only science center with an in-house large format production unit and we have built a reputation as a specialist in environmental and natural history themed films. From the release of our first large format production in 1999, we have kept our commitment to create films that not only educate, but also inspire.

IMAX® is registered trademark of IMAX Corporation.

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We are a leading producer of large format films world-wide, keeping our commitment to create films that not only educate, but also inspire. To date, we have successfully produced and released 5 environmental and natural history themed, large format films.


Our large format films are available for license in a wide variety of formats including 15/70, 8/70, IMAX® digital, non- IMAX® digital, HD, and Dome.

Stock footage

Footage from our awe-inspiring films is available in a variety of formats to license for your current projects. Competitive, per second pricing available.

Custom Films

We produce exceptionally well-crafted corporate and custom films that engage the audience in your story. If you have a message to share, we can bring it to life.

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Mysteries of the Great Lakes
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Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees