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Traveling Exhibits

We produce high quality, award-winning and robust traveling exhibits that are available for lease at a fraction of the development costs of a permanent exhibit. Our exhibits have the tried and proven market appeal for driving an increase in attendance and merchandise sales. Partnered with a research and evaluation process with our post graduate science communication team, our exhibits have published visitor impact studies that detail how our exhibits are received by visitors. Sizes range from 100 sq m (1000 sq ft) to 600 sq m (6000 sq ft).

For information regarding our tour schedules, please contact Ashley Larose at larose@sciencenorth.ca

On Tour Now:
Arctic Adventure - Exhibit Details | Marketing Guide
Creatures of the Abyss - Exhibit Details|Exhibit Booklet |Mandarin Exhibit Booklet| Marketing Guide| Video | Evaluation Report
Diamonds - Exhibit Details | Exhibit Booklet | Marketing Guide| Video
Wildlife Rescue - Exhibit Details | Exhibit Booklet | Marketing Guide |Exhibit Components | Evaluation Report & Executive Summary | Full Report
The Science of Ripley's Believe It or Not! -Exhibit Booklet| Exhibit Brief | Marketing Guide | Video
Genome: Unlocking Life's Code -Exhibit Brief|Marketing Guide

Off Tour:
Ends of the Earth -Exhibit Details|Exhibit Booklet|Marketing Guide
Discovering Chimpanzees: the Remarkable World of Jane Goodall -Exhibit Details
The Climate Change Show -Exhibit Details
WaterWorks -Exhibit Details|Exhibit Booklet|Marketing Guide|Video|Evaluation Report & Executive Summary|Full Report

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