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Because we own and operate 2 science centers, we know what works and doesn't work in the day-to-day operations of exhibits. Science North exhibits pique interest, provoke a response, promote learning and stimulate progress. In developing exhibits that delight and educate, we strive to incorporate points of difference - new and unique perspectives, local themes and techniques that make a visitor experience both meaningful and unique. Our hands-on and interactive approach to exhibit design has been tried and tested with visitors of all ages and has influenced many attractions around the world to adopt our methods.

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The Nature Exchange

The Nature Exchange is a unique learning environment that relies on the personal "trading" of found natural items and information about them, to motivate interest and understanding. This level of engagement and motivation creates a rich learning experience about the natural items brought in by the traders and encourages a commitment to learning outside the science center and into the home environment. It effectively raises awareness of key issues in the natural world around us and, through personal interaction, changes attitudes and behaviour.  

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Bed of Nails

A perfect way to relax! Hop on to a bed of 3,500 nails and try to relax as the hydraulic control magically raises you on to a bed of nails. This exhibit safely and effectively demonstrates the principle of force per unit area and introduces opportunities for visitors to further explore the science of construction and engineering. It's fun! It's painless! And it's safe! The plexiglass cover allows participants to be safely settled on the bed before the nails are exposed. One of our more popular exhibits and the sharpest one in stock!

View a video or product brief about our revenue-generating Bed of Nails off-the-shelf exhibit. Available as either: coin, bill and credit card acceptor.

Stream Table   

Visitors of all ages will learn to appreciate both the power of flowing water and the subtle elegance of the patterns it carves. Playing in the mud was never this much fun! Our world is shaped by the powerful force of running water; it carves canyons and valleys, creates fertile food plains, and constantly challenges our attempts to tame it. The Stream Table is an excellent tool for exploring the science of rivers and streams. As the water twists and turns down the Stream Table, it shapes the landscape on a micro-scale of the real world. Courses appear and disappear, fine sediment is sorted from the coarse, and obstacles are undercut and carried away. Visitors operate taps and a small sprinkler which sends water down a four- percent grade. Depending on the installation, participants have access to all sides of the stainless steel Stream Table, allowing for small groups to explore together on one exhibit.

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