Experience unEARTHed - Now Open!

UnEARTHed will immerse visitors into the world of palaeontology as they discover the Earth's 4 billion year fossil history! The exhibition features a treasury of fossil casts from some of the most exciting finds from over a century of worldwide excavations. A geological timeline from the earliest forms of life through to the age of dinosaurs, mammals and prehistoric humans. See a cast of Lucy, one of the earliest hominid ever discovered, and experience the story of life on Earth.

Join us in a Mastodon Matrix Dig and check out some of the amazing fossils from Manitoulin Island.

In association with the International Museum institute of New York

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View of the chasm

Enter the miner's 'dry' and prepare for an unforgettable journey to the depths of the earth, as you descend 7-storeys into a dramatic rock chasm while viewing a state-of-the art multimedia show. Buy Tickets

The blast experience

Ever experience a mining blast underground? BOOM! (TREMBLE TREMBLE TREMBLE) can only begin to describe the experience. Brace yourselves for this one! Buy Tickets

Mining in the early 1900s

1900's - How was mining done in the 1900's? See and touch some of the tools used as you walk through the footsteps of Sudbury miners from this time period.

Mining in the 1950s

1950's - Discover the era that served as a catalyst in the development of mining technology.

Modern day mining

Modern day mining - Experience how incredibly far we've come in the modern mining industry.

Mine command centre

Whether you're looking to manipulate a remote controlled rock-breaker, try out a Caterpillar excavator simulator, or any hands on mining equipment, the Mining Command Centre has you covered.

Discover all new exhibits in our galleries that celebrate & explore exciting earth sciences from around the world including:

  1. Digging in our new digital sandbox!
  2. Investigating dynamic Earth processes, like earthquakes
  3. Exploring the world of Mine Safety and Mine Rescue...and more!

The Big Nickel

The Big Nickel! This beautiful 1951 Canadian Nickel replica is located on the grounds of Dynamic Earth (You won't miss it!). Standing tall at an impressive height of 30 feet, this storied structure can be identified as either one of Sudbury's most prolific landmarks, or as a prime selfie spot. Buy Tickets

Barber Louie

Sudbury has a rich and fascinating history. Join our famous barber, Louie, in this historical object theatre that brings us through the past 125 years of Sudbury's existence. Buy Tickets

View of the Earth gallery

Discover what cataclysmic events have impacted the Earth. Relive the meteorite impact that formed the Sudbury Basin through video animation projected onto a three-dimensional map.

Digital Sandbox

Dig into what’s new at Dynamic Earth! You can build mountains, valleys, rivers and other landforms in this digital sandbox.

Playing in explora mine

Take the controls in our new mine training centre! Practice operating equipment such as a rockbreaker, excavator, mining drone and drill in one of our simulator cabs.

Planet Dinosaur: Great Survivors

Featuring creatures from as far afield as Svalbard in Norway to South America, Planet Dinosaur reveals how the latest discoveries have led toa brand-new global perspective on the prehistoric era. The opening up of China, the exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic and prospecting in the Sahara has uncovered previously unknown dinosaurs in places not previously known as dinosaur habitats. Using a CGI globe, we reveal how the Earth looked in each time-period and even the environments these dinosaurs lived in.

Film length-30 min

The Link: Uncovering our earliest ancestor

For more than a century, scientists have raced to unravel the human family tree and have grappled with its complications. Now, with an astonishing new discovery, everything we thought we knew about mankind’s origins could change.

Lying inside a high-security vault, deep within the heart of one of the world’s leading natural history museums, is the scientific find of a lifetime that connects to everyone

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