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Underground Tour

Get ready to have a blast and descend 7-storeys to the depths of the earth. Here you will explore our underground mine and learn about the evolution of mining.

Engineering Earth

In Engineering Earth, applied science and material science are explored through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences that invite visitors to understand the composition of raw earth, to study the behaviour of granular material and to discover the world of engineering. The exhibit presents a perfect balance of science and engineering throughout the ages and for the future.

Outdoor Science Park

Join us outdoors at the foot of the iconic Big Nickel! Our new Science Park is an outdoor gallery featuring large-scale exhibits and science-themed interactive structures!

  • Slide down the large "molten" Slag Slide
  • Get in the driver's seat of a Scooptram
  • Operate a digger to excavate sand in the Sand Pit Zone
  • Create music with a Rock Xylophone

The Big Nickel

This beautiful 1951 Canadian Nickel replica is located on the grounds of Dynamic Earth (You won't miss it!). Standing tall at an impressive height of 30 feet, this storied structure can be identified as either one of Sudbury's most prolific landmarks, or as a prime selfie spot.

Epiroc Theatre

How the Earth Works: Deep Earth

The first episode explores the relationship between the deep Earth and the development of human civilisation. The exploration reveals that throughout history our ancestors were strangely drawn to fault lines; areas which connect the surface with the deep interior of the planet. These fault lines gave access to important resources, but also brought with them great danger.

Film Length: 30 min

Planet Earth: Caves

Caves are earth's final frontier and this film takes you where few have been before. Caves harbour some of the most remarkable and bizarre animals on earth; from cave swiftlets who build nests out of just saliva to animals that never see daylight or ever set foot on the surface. The Cave of Swallows in Mexico is a 400-metre vertical shaft. It's deep enough to engulf the Empire State Building, yet few people even know of its existence. From Lechuguilla Cave's astonishing six-metre-long crystals to the extraordinary snottites of Villa Luz, this film provides unprecedented access to the hidden world of caves.

Film length: 30 min

Earth: Power of the Planet, Volcano

Join Dr. Iain Stewart as he reveals the role natural forces have played in the creation of planet Earth. Although they appear to be destructive, volcanoes have been crucial to the development of life on this planet. Iain's journey takes him to Ethiopia to discover lava lakes, to Iceland to scuba dive between continents and to New Zealand to sample some hot springs.

Film length: 30 min