Discover Sudbury
It's like having both a geologist and a historian in your pocket.

Did you know that Greater Sudbury has not one, but two meteorite impact craters? Do you know how or where nickel and copper were first discovered in Sudbury? Are you interested in learning more about the Big Nickel and other famous landmarks?

The Discover Sudbury tour is a GPS-enabled smart phone tour of the geological, glacial, mining, and cultural history of the City of Greater Sudbury. Travel through time with family and friends as you visit real geological and cultural landmarks and discover the secrets of our past. Find out when the first mine was built in Sudbury and how mining has affected our cultural and environmental history.

Learn about the Superstack and why it was built. Take photos of your family as you explore geological features that were formed over one billion years ago! Whether you live in Greater Sudbury or are visiting, the Discover Sudbury tour can be enjoyed in one day or over several days, weeks, or months. Start or stop the tour from any location and use the GPS functionality to view your current location and plan your next stop.

Features of Discover Sudbury Include:

  • Twelve tour stops that explore geology, glacial features, mining, and cultural history
  • High-quality photos, videos, and illustrations describing the features along the tour
  • Introduction video about the meteorite impact that took place 1.85 billion years ago and the features that you will see along the tour
  • Fully bilingual (French and English) language settings
  • Social media buttons allow you to connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Real-time GPS tracking and interactive map allows you to view your current location, view all tour stops, and track which stops have and have not been visited
  • Interactive map allows you to zoom and click on each stop to read about the features
  • All tour stops have parking available and are easily accessible by vehicle

Photo credit: stevenh