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Great and Relevant Science

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Science: It's What We Do

SCIENCE is at the forefront of what we do. That is why we have a Strategic Priority dedicated to Science.

The word "great" refers to our Vision. If we are not great, we will not achieve our vision of being The Leader.

To achieve our vision, we expect that by 2018, at both of our science centres, a wide variety of audiences are engaged with current and relevant science, experiencing blockbuster science exhibitions, hands-on science in our labs, and participating in dialogue and debate on current science issues that are relevant to them.

In 2018 we will celebrate Dynamic Earth’s 15th anniversary. It will be a celebration of a significant multi-year renewal of the Dynamic Earth attraction with innovative visitor experiences that highlight the science & technology of our mining industry partners.

By 2018, close to 20,000 students from Northern Ontario schools (outside of Sudbury) -- including those from First Nations communities, and 2,500 students participating through interactive e-workshops – will annually experience a school program from Science North. We will deliver science summer camps in 26 communities. Residents from 60 Northern Ontario communities will engage with us in public outreach programs.

Rockhound Lab at Dynamic Earth

Grow Current and New Audiences

We want people to think of us as relevant – to come here for answers. We stay current with science, the world and are quick to get science experiences out there that may be in the news.

We want to be relevant to people of all ages -- including our core family audience as well as teens, and adults, young and older, visiting with and without children.

Looking through microscopes - Outreach

Grow our reach in all of Northern Ontario

Science North currently delivers programs in Northern Ontario, but we think it is critical to highlight as a strategic goal that we’ll continue to focus on reaching all of Northern Ontario.

One of the growth areas is serving First Nations communities.

Cool Science screenshot

Offer High Quality Interactive Science Learning Online

We want to continue to evolve our online presence and content in conjunction with the other strategic goals to achieve our Strategic Plan.

This will be on our own website as well as through other online experiences like social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

We want to hear from you!

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